Dickinson Lab

  • Dan receives an NSF CAREER award

    Dan receives an NSF CAREER award

    The lab has been awarded a 5-year NSF grant to support our work on biochemical mechanisms of PAR polarity in C. elegans and mammalian stem cells. The CAREER award is intended to recognize and support junior faculty who excel in both research and education.

  • Sena’s paper is recognized

    Sena’s paper is recognized

    Our paper “Rapid extraction and kinetic analysis of protein complexes from single cells” was selected as one of the 5 best papers in Biophysical Journal in the past year. Dan will be presenting this work (and some updates!) at this year’s Biophysical Society meeting in San Diego.

  • New protocol paper published

    New protocol paper published

    Ivy Chang has written a very nice protocol that explains how to sparsely label, track, and analyze diffusion of single particles at the cell cortex using HaloTag. This technique was a key innovation in our recent Cell Reports paper that showed how diffusion and segregation of PAR-3 are controlled by cluster size.

  • Nicole’s CRISPR paper now on bioRxiv

    Nicole’s CRISPR paper now on bioRxiv

    Our new pre-print reports a rapid and efficient method for making fluorescent protein knock-ins in mouse embryonic stem cells. Congratulations to Nicole Shi, Nitya Kopparapu and Lauren Ohler on a very nice piece of work and our lab’s first paper on mESC’s!

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